Small yet high-performance

New UV-VIS spectrophotometer UV-1280

Organic and aqueous solutions, biological samples, optical materials such as filters or foils and much more – the new UV-VIS spectrophotometer UV-1280 (Figure 1) enables spectral analyses for a wide range of samples. The compact system with a spectral bandwidth of 5 nm allows measurements with high stability in a wavelength range of 190 – 1,100 nm.

The UV-1280 has a very small footprint. It is easy to operate using function keys and the large LCD monitor which also displays the on-board software. The following functions and programs are provided as standard:

quantitative analysis
time-scan measurement
multicomponent analysis
DNA/Protein quantification.


In addition, the UV-1280 enables instrument validation. It tests the following instrument parameters: wavelength accuracy and repeatability, stray light, photometric accuracy, photometric repeatability, baseline flatness and baseline stability, as well as noise level.

The wide application range is supported by a comprehensive range of accessories which is used individually in the sample compartment. Via the USB connection, data can be copied directly in the USB memory and evaluated using spreadsheet software. A printer with USB-I/F interface can also be connected directly to the UV-1280.