secrets of science


Issue 01/2024

MS detection of Alzheimer’s blood-based biomarkers
From a few drops of blood – the first successful detection of plasma Aβ by MS

Low carbon, big impact: making the most of biowaste
Making useful materials from biological waste streams using pyrolysis

New trump cards for blood analysis
DPS cards – a new method of collecting and analyzing blood

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Issue 03/2023

Closing the loop on emissions
TOC analysis in the quest to achieve carbon neutrality

Why do batteries age?
GC-MS analysis of fluorophosphates as possible early-stage quality indicators for batteries

A guardian of purity
Determining trace amounts of sulfur compounds in Hydrogen fuel with SCD

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Issue 02/2023

Pure performance: Saving time with ultra-fast preparative LC
Syngenta uses UFPLC to extract and purify gram-scale by-products

Speeding development of electric hypercars
Rimac Technology steers simulation data with Shimadzu’s Autograph AGS-X

Using light to beat cancer
New approaches in photodynamic therapy

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Issue 01/2023

Faster throughput. Together.
New streamlined solution for immunosuppressant analysis by LC-MS/MS

Keeping the lights on
Shimadzu automates precision testing of ACSR power conductors

Cosmetics – How clean is clean?
TOC-based cleaning validation

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Issue 3/2022

Analysis of food contaminants using GCMS/MS
Analytics of EtO and 2-CE in sesame seeds

Trees call birds for help against leaf-feeding insects
VOCs in plant defense

Shining a light on clean energy
Research for organic photovoltaic materials

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Issue 2/2022

Analyzing the red thread of historical tapestries
Using smaller sample quantities for textile analysis

Short on helium? Consider the carrier-gas alternatives
Advantages of hydrogen and nitrogen for gas chromatography

Faster. Higher. Further.
A reunion at analytica 2022

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Issue 1/2022

New approach for epitranscriptomics
Quantifying RNA methylations by LC-MS/MS

No need for skepticism
The New Shim-pack Scepter columns for LC/LCMS are robust and extremely pH-stable

Smallest giant
TOC-1000e online analyzer – specialized for ultra-pure water applications

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Issue 2/2020

Polymers and fluorescence
Fluorescence spectroscopy of industrial base polymers

Balance of power
LCMS-8060NX: performance and robustness without compromising sensitivity and speed

360° drinking water analysis trilogy
Automatic, simultaneous and rapid analysis of pesticides

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Issue 1/2020

360° drinking water analysis trilogy
Qualified water – Contaminants & continuous monitoring

Science and Shakespeare
Experimentation outside the lab

Pushing the limits
New UV-Vis spectrophotometer

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Issue 3/2019

Better Prep!
New Nexera Prep LC for a preparative workflow

High-speed characterization of candle wax quality
SALDI-MS with etched silver substrates for analysis of complex lipid mixtures

Red Dot Design Awards
Awards for two Shimadzu instruments

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Issue 2/2019

The new, groundbreaking LC-technology: Nexera LC-40

Searching for the needle in the analytical haystack
Trace detection of sulfur compounds with SCD

20 Years
Shimadzu Switzerland celebrates anniversary

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Issue 1/2019

Weight reduction
New testing methodology for composite material

Clear view in wet conditions
Polarizing sunglasses block the glare from wet surfaces

Less expensive and easy
Analysis of dioxins in foods and feeds using GC-MS/MS

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Issue 3/2018

Cannabis testing
Customized solutions meeting latest regulations

Rookie of the Year
New benchtop instrument MALDI-8020 complements the portfolio

Let’s have a party!
50th anniversary celebration and future perspectives

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Issue 2/2018

Emissions in vehicle interiors
Materials analyzed according to VDA 278 with thermodesorption

UV-Vis spectroscopy has never been so fast and easy

50 years of Shimadzu in Europe
Milestones in development and technology

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Issue 1/2018

Hot, Hotter, Bombfire
Pungency of Currywurst

The new Nexera Mikros
New micro-flow LC-MS solution –high sensitivity, durability and ease-of-use

Pop the corks:
50th anniversary of Shimadzu in Europe

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Issue 3/2017

Joy and fear of Christmas baking …
Determination of mycotoxins in bakery products

The new IRSpirit
makes infrared spectroscopy easier than ever before

Behind the scenes
Users’ insights on working with CLAM-2000

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Issue 2/2017

New milestone
The new Nexis GC-2030

Switch + Go
Nexera UC/s – Analysis and evaluation of chiral drugs

A century of experience
Shimadzu celebrates 100 years of testing machines

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Issue 1/2017

Soil pollution
Analysis of pesticide residues

Boosts productivity
The LCMS-8045 workhorse system with key features of UFMS

New solutions for tomorrow
Shimadzu European Innovation Center

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Issue 3/2016

Two techniques, one system
Nexera-i MT – HPLC plus UHPLC

Vanillin – natural or synthetic?
Analyzed using IRMS and GCMS

Anniversary: 60 years of GC and IR
Shimadzu as pioneer of the first hour

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Issue 2/2016

World Premiere: AIM-9000
Multipurpose tool for tiny objects

lab4you: Anti-aging for batteries?
LC-MS method development for battery electrolytes

No carry-over: TOC determination
Wastewater treatment plant: high demands on equipment and sampling method

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Issue 1/2016

Mineral oil compounds in paper and cardboard packaging
Investigating the composition of the aromatic mineral oil fraction

New generation of protein sequencer
PPSQ-50 with increased sensitivity and FDA compliance

The game changer redefines productivity
GCMS-QP2020 opens new horizons

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Issue 3/2015

PAHs: simple analysis with high detection limits
Determination of PAHs or mineral oils in water using fluorescence spectroscopy

Higher safety for avionics and automotive
Very high cycle fatigue assessment of laser additive manufactured parts

»This car really smells new«
Emissions testing of motor vehicle interiors

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Issue 2/2015

New family member LCMS-8060
The fastest triple-quadrupole system extends LCMS product portfolio

Determination of organic pollution of wastewater
A comparison between COD and TOC

For liquid and solid substances
RF-6000 spectrofluorophotometer

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Issue 1/2015

From a “local workshop” to a global player
2015, Shimadzu celebrates its 140th anniversary: a success story

The secrets of a Swiss watch
»In our lab we R.E.A.C.H. the very secrets of matter«

Hidden danger
LCMS-8050 – Faster and more sensitive detection of mycotoxins in baby food

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Issue 3/2014

The nightmare of doping offenders
Analysis of doping agents using the new LCMS-8050 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

i-series – new integrated (U)HPLC systems
Nexera-i / Prominence-i – high speed, performance, maintainability and effi-ciency

New: ICPE-9800
Espresso in Lake Constance

Five application examples of simulta-neous elemental analysis sensitivity

Including part 3 of the big breakfast test

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Issue 2/2014

LabSolutions concept
Cross-system platform for HPLC-, UHPLC and GC systems, as well as for LCMS and LCMS/MS systems

New family member for nanoparticle measurement

Amino acid identification
Fast and easy with the UF-Amino Station for high-throughput analysis

Including part 2 of the big breakfast test

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Issue 1/2014

Greek wine
Determination of organic acids in wine to ensure proper fermentation

New series: The big breakfast test part 1/3
How do you like your eggs? Hardness test using the Texture Analyzer EZ-Test-X

Masterpiece in speed and sensitivity
The new LCMS-8050 triple quadrupole

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Issue 2/2013

Laboratory opening ceremony with hammer stroke
Experience »Excellence in Science« live on more than 1,500 sqm in the Shimadzu Laboratory World.

World premiere: HPV-X
The new high-speed video camera Hyper Vision HPV-X – 10 million frames per second!

The gardener did it …
An evidence-based trial with the LCMS-8040 Triple Quadrupol

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Issue 1/2013

Sun and fun for everyone – SPF determination with UV-VIS spectra
The sun protection factor SPF will be one of the most important topics in the near future.

FAMEs in aviation turbine fuel – a risk?
FAMEs in diesel fuel have an unintended side-effect: Potential contamination of jet turbine fuel!

»Best supporting actor«
HS-20: The new powerful Head-space partner for GC analysis playing alongside the leading actors and bringing out the best in them.»

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Issue 3/2012

Curiosity has landed – Interference filters in current practice
Just a few weeks ago, the Curiosity robot successfully landed on Mars and has already delighted many, including scientists.

Nibble, nibble, little mouse …
Texture analysis of ginger bread – To protect consumers, modern food technology laboratories increasingly use texture analyzers.

From coal dust to steel
Particle size measurement – The versatile application possibilities of the new SALD 2300.

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Issue 2/2012

Individually dosed
Therapeutic drug monitor-ing with LC/MS/MS

Bread packaging
What’s hidden in plastic bread packaging?

Hair in your soup?
Microchip electrophoresis can help

Acid Test
TOC determination in concentrated hydrochloric acid

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Issue 1/2012

A good communicator
The new TOC-4200

Kaizen for maximum performance
Nexera in continuous improvement

Glass on the road in-creases driving safety
Particle measurement of glass beads

Almost omnipresent: Determination of bisphenol
A in plastic packaging

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Issue 2/2011

Multi-purpose tools
New spectrophotometer series

Capability redefined
New generation of the most powerful multimode inlet – OPTIC-4

Happy Birthday
55 years of FTIR spectroscopy

New Front End system: Nexera MP
More than a new record

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Issue 1/2011
Pharma Special

Shimadzu has launched a Special Edition of the Shimadzu News specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. 40 pages introduce solutions and applications for a multitude of topics such as drug research, development and testing as well as method development, manufacturing and quality control.

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Issue 1/2011

New TOC-L series
Ecofriendly and timesaving

Small effort, large impact for the sake of the environment

Economical, practical, effective

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Issue 3/2010

Hard currency?
Hardness testing on different coins

A granular look at sugar
Use of novel analysis methods

Plastic Planet
Heavy metals in soft drinks?

Quality by Design
UHPLC hardware meets DryLab®2010-Software

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Issue 2/2010

New: GCMS-QP2010 Ultra

Mercury in the food chain!

UHPLC LC-30A Nexera
In practical use

A new era
LC-20AP preparative HPLC pump

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