Tailor-made FTIR accessories

Figure 1: IRAffinity-1 plus MIRacle10

With immediate effect, three new FTIR accessories for Shimadzu’s IRAffinity1 are available for many applications. This FTIR spectrophotometer is used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in research and development.

The HATR10 is a conventional horizontal ATR accessory for
multiple reflectance
The MIRacle10 features ATR (Attenuated Total Reflectance) as single reflectance. Figure 1 shows how the sample top plate and the instrument housing lie in one plane. The accessory is tailor-made. For the ‘out of compartment’ MIRacle10, a new crystal design has been applied which reflects the beam from within the sample compartment upward onto the sample plate
The second type of single reflectance unit is the GladiATR10, where the diamond serves as sampling plate and optical crystal

Figure 2: GladiATR10

Figure 1 shows how the accessories are easily installed in the sample compartment. All accessories are equipped with accessory recognition for working with automated parameter sets. Users benefit from time savings made possible by fast access to parameters sets and simpler cleaning procedures of the sample compartment and measuring plates.