The game changer redefines productivity

GCMS-QP2020 opens new horizons

With the introduction of the QP2010 series in early 2000, Shimadzu made a big step in the GC-MS market and has within a few years reached a main player position in the mass spectrometry segment. Now, after a series of innovative products and technologies (please see separate box), Shimadzu introduces the new GCMS-QP2020 combining all outstanding GC-MS features and opening new horizons for the users.

Three choices of carrier gas

With Fast GC-MS technologies embedded, it is already common to use hydrogen as carrier gas on Shimadzu’s GC-MS. The QP2020 now offers a third choice with nitrogen in addition to standard helium and hydrogen.

Figure 1: GCxGC-qMS (ZX2-2010)

SmartSIM reduces development time and improves sensitivity

Users of GCMS triple quadrupoles from Shimadzu are familiar with SmartMRM technology which greatly simplifies the creation of analytical methods. The new GCMS-QP2020 gives access to the same SmartSIM feature, reducing development time and improving the sensitivity of the chosen method by optimizing scheduled windows for SIM analysis and increasing the potential number of compounds that can be analyzed in the same run.

Figure 2: MDGCMS

LabSolutions Insight platform accelerates quantitative MS data review

Today, laboratory efficiency is driven by highly automated mass spectrometry platforms, delivering large volumes of high quality data. However, manual data review can limit sample turnaround times and reduce productivity, resulting in a bottleneck. To sustain the increase in throughput which is demanded by most routine labs nowadays, the LabSolutions Insight platform accelerates quantitative mass spectrometry data review while opening a new approach in exception-based reporting. The intuitive design makes it simple to use and easy to adapt to individual workflows in the lab. A collection of configurable flag criteria based on industry-standard quality rules can quickly identify peaks required for data review. A click of a button automatically shows peaks for review.

Figure 3: LabSolutions Insight

The LabSolutions Insight platform supports data review over a network, creating new opportunities in remote data review, and enables multiple pane display for two monitors.

Figure 4: LabSolutions Insight environment

Shimadzu’s GC-MS product lines in brief

Fully compatible GC-MS systems

Shimadzu was the first to introduce these instruments for both normal and Fast GC-MS analysis supporting 0.32 / 0.25 / 0.15 / 0.1 mm inner diameter capillary columns without any hardware change. In collaboration with Professor Luigi Mondello’s team at University of Messina (Italy), this lead to a compendium on Fast GC showing critical parameters on a system to adjust in order to perform good Fast GC analysis.

GCxGC-qMS known as comprehensive GC-MS

Introducing the fast scanning GC-MS with 10,000 amu/s and later 20,000 amu/s with no skewing in spectra, Shimadzu made a new breakthrough. Together with Chromsquare software dedicated to GCxGC data processing, complex samples such as petroleum extracts, flavor and fragrances samples and environmental or food samples can be screened easily to detect different classes of compounds or identify new compounds in a complex natural extract.

MDGCMS multidimensional technology

This unique tool allows food and flavors companies to check for adulteration of the raw materials they buy.

MDGCMS is an exceptional system for working on flavors, e.g. in wine and coffee, when coupled with sniffers in the first and second dimension. MDGCMS with two ovens and a dean switch tool avoids any retention time shift when selecting a window of time of the chromatogram to be diverted to the second dimension for higher separation.

Twin Line MS

Thanks to the split dual stage turbomolecular design, this configuration allows installation of two different polarity columns on only one GC-MS system, thus reducing pumpdown needed to exchange columns when co-elutions have to be resolved, or when different types of samples requiring either different columns or injection systems are analyzed on the same machine.

Powerful technologies and accessories

Design of high performance quadrupoles, unique configuration of the ion source with shield plates and dual filament as well as overdrive lens, contribute to the most flexible GC-MS platform available today.

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