New instrument with extended application areas

For liquid and solid substances: RF-6000 spectrofluorophotometer

With RF-6000 instrument Shimadzu continues its successful fluorescence spectroscopy product line and replaces the well-known RF-5301PC. The new generation RF-6000 system is universally applicable. It combines a broad measuring range with high sensitivity using a broadband photomultiplier. Together, this results in a measuring range of 200 to 900 nm for emission as well as excitation measurements.

The RF-6000 is a double monochromator system. A high-energy xenon lamp is used for excitation measurements. Designed as a continuous light source, the associated physical effect of flickering is compensated via an additional detector system.

The new RF-6000 spectrofluorophotometer

Larger sample compartment extends applications

New components and instrument controls in combination with the broadband detector, result in a signal-to-noise ratio S/N of 350. This is more than twice the S/N value of the predecessor model. An additional innovation with respect to the predecessor model is the larger sample compartment, which allows for mounting larger and bulkier accessories. As a result, the accessible application range extends from the use of a simple cuvette with four polished sides, to the use of sippers and all the way to the use of integrating spheres.

The multitude of accessories enables the processing and analysis of liquid as well as solid substances. Application areas are food and environmental analysis as well as biological and chemical applications. The system is designed for straightforward quality control but also for training and research.

Software with preprogrammed applications

The RF-6000 is supported via new software. The LabSolutions RF software was developed based on Shimadzu’s LabSolutions platform, and not only offers instrument control but also preprogrammed applications for fluorescence spectroscopy. The software can calculate quantum yield and quantum efficiency and can also carry out spectral correction. For validation there is a separate module enabling to test instrument specifications according to specified industry standards.

Application example: analysis of milk fat

Stability, sensitivity and the extended measuring range allow the use of the RF-6000 for various application areas in which fluorescence as well as chemiluminescence, bioluminescence and electroluminescence play a role, such as in pharmaceuticals, chemistry, foods, electronics, environment and life sciences. Also, 3D measurements are possible using high recording speeds.

Figure 1: 3D fluorescence pattern for emission spectra of non-fat milk

Figure 2: 3D fluorescence pattern for emission spectra of milk with a 2 % fat content

Figure 3: 3D fluorescence pattern for emission spectra of milk with a 4.5 % fat content

As an example of a high-speed 3D measurement, the analysis of various types of milk is presented here. The focus of the analysis was the recovery of milk fat. Samples without fat, 2 % fat and 4.5 % fat were examined. In figures 1, 2 and 3 the measurements are represented in a contour plot. The fluorescence intensities at excitation wavelengths (300 – 400 nm) were plotted against the emission wavelengths (420 – 580 nm). The presented views show the difference in fat content.