New family member, improved possibilties

SALD-7500 for measuring nanoparticles

The SALD 7-series has been developed specifically for highly sensitive particle measurement in the submicron and nanometer range. The successful SALD-7101 is now being replaced by the SALD-7500.

The SALD-7500 not only builds upon the excellent qualities of its predecessor – Fourier Optics, one light source, one large detector, and one measuring theory – but also adds new and improved features.

Using additional detector elements, the measuring range is now extended to 7 nm – 800 µm. Samples can be measured in the concentration range of 0.1 ppm – 20 %. Through revised and in part completely new accessories and new software, the SALD-7500 opens up entirely new application areas.

The main application area continues to be the measurement of nanoparticles and nanomaterials that are present in, for instance, sunscreens, clothing, wall paints and even foods. These tiny helpers disinfect or protect the human body from hazardous UV-radiation, for example.

Nanoparticles also impart new properties to materials. Their effects (so-called nanorisks) on the human body are, however, still quite unknown. The actuality of this problem is illustrated by the fact that the EU has, already in mid-2013, introduced labeling requirements for nanoparticles in cosmetic products. In 2014, this could be followed by labeling requirements for foods. Labeling, risk assessment and measurement of nanoparticles will become more and more important in the future.

Accessories increase range of applications

The ‘Aggregation Property Evaluation System for Biopharmaceuticals’ (Aggregate Sizer) offers the new possibility not only to quantitatively determine particle size of biopharmaceutical products, but also their concentrations in the range of 100 nm – 10 µm. With a continuous measuring function, changes in size or mass can be monitored in real time. Measurement data can be stored at 1-second intervals. Mechanical stimulation accelerates the agglomeration process.

Nanobubbles are another exciting new application. Here, the tiniest long-term stable air bubbles in water impart amazing new properties to this solvent. Water treated in this way can even exhibit fat-dissolving properties – as if tensides had been added. But as the water is free of tensides, it is now an ideal cleaning solvent for semiconductors.

New and yet fully integrated in the family – the SALD-7500 is ready to take on a wide range of applications.