New accessory for UV-VIS spectrophotometers

TCC-100 – thermoelectrically temperature-controlled cell holder

P art of Shimadzu’s vast range of accessories for UV-VIS NIR-spectrophotometers is the wide variety of cell holders. They are available with or without temperature control and allow system configurations tailor-made for all requirements of the environmental, pharma, food and life science applications, and many more. Whether a single standard cell at room temperature is used or a cell holder for high temperature measurements is required – the Shimadzu product portfolio covers each analytical problem.

The latest release in the European market is the TCC-100, a thermoelectrically temperature-controlled single cell holder. The TCC-100 includes a reference cell using a Peltier element for temperature control and does not require an external cooling water device. The temperature control range is from 7 °C to 60 °C with a precision of +/- 0.1 °C.

In combination with a spectrophotometer such as UV-1800 working in kinetics mode, the system can be used to measure enzyme activity. Tests like these are very sensitive to temperature. It is therefore absolutely necessary to maintain a stable temperature during the sample measurement. The ideal solution for regulating the cell temperature is a Peltier-controlled cell holder, without external water circulator.

Figure 1: UV-1800 with TCC-100

Figure 1 shows the UV-1800 in combination with CPS-100. Furthermore, the TCC-100 can be used in the following spectrophotometers: UVmini-1240 series, UV-2600/UV-2700 and UV-3600.