Pushing the limits

New UV-Vis spectrophotometer combines top performance with network capability

UV-1900i spectrophotometer

Fast and ergonomic just like its predecessor but now network-compatible with the option of using Wifi: the UV-1900i is the new UV-Vis spectrophotometer designed for the food industry, pharmaceutics, life sciences and chemistry alike. Several measuring modes and numerous accessories support a wide variety of applications, expanding the range of use. Important for pharmaceutical applications is that the optional LabSolutions CS and DB software also meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

The UV-1900i is a further development of the acclaimed UV-1900, which won the coveted Red Dot Award in 2019, one of the most treasured design prizes worldwide. The jury emphasized the unique design which supports ergonomic handling.

Easy and fast operability

The UV-1900i is a stand-alone instrument. Its operability can be summarized as “easier and faster than ever before.” The touch display is ergonomically designed: large and clear symbols show all functions at a glance. The system can be operated in eight languages. With the latest LabSolutions UV-Vis software, spectrum analyses can also be carried out conveniently at a PC.

With the UV-1900i, users can analyze more samples per day than before – also supported by the well-known CETAC ASX autosamplers. The world’s fastest scan function records spectra at up to 29,000 nm/min. The wake-up function allows analyses to start immediately in the morning without the usual half an hour waiting time.

The LO-RAY-LIGH technology patented by Shimadzu ensures high resolution with little scattered light and maximum sensiti­vity.

Network capability allows the UV-1900i to access a PictBridge printer without an intermediary PC. Several UV-Vis systems can share one printer. For easier operation, Windows-compatible USB keyboards or a barcode scanner can be connected directly to the UV-1900i.