Facing the Swiss market

Shimadzu Switzerland celebrates its 20th anniversary

Team artwork »Made by Individuals« for the 20th anniversary, 2019

A small office space in the industrial park of Rei­nach, Switzerland and two employment ads in the local newspaper: these were the beginnings of Shimadzu Schweiz GmbH. In 1999, Shimadzu Europa sent a representative to Switzerland to develop the market for the company. On Feb­ruary 18, the same year Shimadzu Switzer­land was officially entered in the commercial register. This was the cornerstone for a promising future.

The location of the subsidiary has been chosen strategically. It is located in the outskirts of Basel where the Swiss, French and German borders meet. This area is one of the most dynamic economic regions of Switzer­land. Pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals have become the modern focus of the city’s industrial production.

Shimadzu Switzerland is one of ten independent subsidiaries in Shimadzu’s network of branch and distribution offices all over Europe. This status enables more freedom to better adjust business processes to customer requirements and markets, and to respond to local cultural conditions and traditions.

Carméla Meisenbach, Open days Office Reinach, 2000

From start-up to SME

With only five people, Shimadzu Switzerland was a start-up company, which was also reflected in the day-to-day work routine. The first employee was recruited in May 1999 for the back office, soon followed by the first service technician and a second clerk. The fifth person was responsible for sales (E. Pelosi, U. Gschwind and Ch. Marx are still engaged at Shimadzu Schweiz.). After a short time, the first office was already too small, and the crew moved to the present location in Römerstrasse 3. The new location was inaugurated in 2000 with an open house.

Current group photo, Bad Ramsach Läufelfingen, 2018

After the initial challenges, procedures and tasks were shaped and trimmed over time, and are still fine-tuned today according to customer needs. In 2007, a major step forward was the introduction of a new software for enterprise resource planning purposes. It streamlines pro­cesses, provides deeper insights and professionalizes the workflow, thus making Shimadzu more efficient as an organization.

20th anniversary celebration, Binningen Castle, 2019

ILMAC – important as a market forum

In 2005, Shimadzu Switzerland participated for the first time in the ILMAC show in Basel in order to increase its brand awareness and to be recognized as a player in the industry. To date, this show for process and laboratory technology is one of the most important exhibitions for the subsidiary. It is where innovations are exhibited, customer contacts are maintained and new relationships are established.

Shimadzu’s first ILMAC stand was located under the escalators, a draughty corner leaving some employees with stiff necks after the fair. Mean­while, Shimadzu Switzerland owns one of the largest booths, E201, in the main hall. The 20-year anniversary will be celebrated here in September 2019 with various attractions. All stakeholders are welcome to visit Shimadzu during these days.

Action Painting, 2019

Basis for stability and security as well as growth and success

To date, Shimadzu Switzerland has grown to the size of a medium-sized SME. Qualified sales and service engineers, application chemists and the powerful internal sales team together form a well-functioning unit. They are Shimadzu’s face to the customers on the Swiss market.

Since the beginning, much has changed in technical, organizational and staffing terms. The strength of Shimadzu Switzerland is the constellation of experienced and young employees. Experi­enced people train the younger generation, while on the other hand new talents bring in new ideas, tools and networks. The employees transfer their special work atmosphere and positive mood to customers, while Shimadzu gauges customer feedback and reactions to steadily increase performance.

For two decades, customers in Switzerland have relied on Shimadzu as their market partner, and the 360 degree service is guaranteed – innovative, adaptable and trustworthy. Shimadzu Switzer­land will ensure that this balance always remains as a basis for stability and security as well as growth and success.