High-value compounds in antibiotics

ALSACHIM supports pharmaceuticals players and their antibiotics R&D programs

ALSACHIM, a Shimadzu Group company, has introduced a full range of stable labeled internal standards of antibiotics to support the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals for developing Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. This covers specific labeled compounds such as Tazobactam, Avibactam or Ceftolozane and Ceftaroline.

As a world leader in the synthesis of stable labeled internal standards (13C, 2H, 15N), stable labeled building blocks, APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and metabolites used in bioanalysis studies, ALSACHIM has joined the Shimadzu group in 2017. It completes Shimadzu’s product and solution portfolio in the clinical market.

For 13 years, the France-based company has been supplying its products to customers all over the world, spread throughout the chemical discipline, including the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, clinical and bio-analytical CROs and research institutions in areas such as Health, Food and Environment.

Tazobactam-13C2-15N2, Avibactam-13C5, Ceftolozane-d2-15N2 – high-value com-pounds in antibiotics

In a constant R&D state of mind and to be close to market needs, ALSACHIM has developed major labeled compounds in fields of antibiotics which present a real health problem nowadays. All major players in the health area are working on issues related to antibiotics (antibiotic resistance, antibiotic residues in blood, combination of antibiotics etc.).

ALSACHIM has thus introduced stable labeled internal standards in the different families of antibiotics, such as in these ranges: Beta-lactams, Cephalosporin, Carbapenem, Penicillin etc. The range of labeled and unlabeled antibiotic molecules has expanded. Now, ALSACHIM offers its customers high-quality analytical isotope labeled standards such as Amoxicillin-d4, avibactam-13C5, cefepime-13Cd3, cefotaxime-13Cd3, ceftaroline-13Cd3, ceftazidime-d6, ceftolozane-d2-15N2, cloxacillin-d5, fluocloxalilin-13C4-15N, meropenem-d6 or tazobactam-13C2-15N2.