Ultra-small footprint meets exceptional ease-of-use and functionality

IRSpirit makes infrared spectroscopy easier than ever before

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer IRSpirit

The new IRSpirit series complements Shimadzu’s well-known FTIR instruments line. Designed for high specification on a small footprint, IRSpirit series adds new possibilities combined with the robustness of its higher-class family members. With the new dedicated software IRPilot, IRSpirit sets a new standard in terms of ease of use. This provides outstanding efficiency in infrared spectroscopy and helps users to save time during analysis development procedures.

Space-efficient and flexible

In modern laboratories, effective space planning is a permanent challenge. Aware of this problem, IRSpirit has been developed to be as small as possible. Thus, the footprint of the IRSpirit series is smaller than an A3 sheet of paper.

Figure 1: IRSpirit size versus A3 paper size. The A3 paper size is represented by the gray rectangle.

The design of the IRSpirit series also allows to conduct measurements with the unit positioned horizontally or vertically in order to adjust to the smallest spaces, such as glove boxes. In fact, the start button and the humidity indicator are accessible and visible from both setups. Moreover, IRSpirit is especially designed to offer an user easy access of sample compartment from two sides.

Despite this small size, the sample compartment width is the same as on higher-end models: 200 x 140 x 100 mm (WxDxH). This makes the IRSpirit series compatible with many Shimadzu and other commercial accessories and usable for a wide variety of applications.

High reliability through technology inherited from high-end models

Based on Shimadzu’s long and in-depth experience with the FTIR interferometer, the IRSpirit series optical system is constituted by a Michelson interferometer which is well-known for its high performance associated with a ceramic light source. Efficient features like the dynamic alignment and the high brightness of the light source support the optical system. With its DLATGS detector with temperature control functions [1], the IRSpirit series is declared the best of its class with a sensitivity up to 30,000:1 (with a KBr-window). This system shows high stability and throughput in order to generate reliable results.

High flexibility is ensured by the different window materials available as well as different detector variations. [2] Even though the instrument is small and compact, it is fully controlled the same way as higher-end versions. Status monitoring is also available as well as the diagnostic function. IRSpirit has an automatic accessory recognition which is able to assist users during the parameter selection needed for a specific accessory.

Figure 2: Examples of hardware options for the IRSpirit series: QATR-S (left) single-reflection ATR measurement attachment and DRS-8000A (right) for Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS).

LabSolutions IR: more than a software

In addition to the accessory automatic recognition, LabSolutions IR software is able to control all the different parameter settings for measurement and analysis.

In order to minimize the users workload, LabSolutions IR provides IRPilot, an assistant software for standard analysis. Guiding through parameter settings, supporting the measurement and ending in the final result – nearly one-stop analysis.

With its 23 integrated applications, IRPilot makes sample analysis easy, even for operators with minimal FTIR experience.

Figure 3: IRPilot diagram and workflow

LabSolutions IR will help to solve the specific demands of an infrared spectrum. A part of this software is, for example, dedicated to the “Identification Test Program” and the “Contaminant Analysis Program.” Both tools testify the ability of the IRSpirit series to identify pure or contaminated samples. Of course, LabSolutions IR is also able to utilize quantitative analysis.

LabSolutions IR has an additional macro-function helping operators to create more personalized automation for the analysis. Some software options, like specific libraries or kinetic studies, are integrated to provide for all user wishes. Finally, the exclusive optional software EDXIR is available, which overlaps EDX and IR measurements to identify contaminants.

Figure 4: Overview of LabSolutions IR Macro programming

The compliance with ER/ES regulations is granted with the Shimadzu LabSolutions DB or CS platform. These tools provide a project management function suited to tasks and system operations. This function enables equipment and user management, security policy, and data processing to be set on a project-by-project basis, thereby improving the efficiency of data searches and management tasks.

Figure 5: LabSolutions DB/CS Database Management System


The IRSpirit series defines a new standard in the world of compact IR spectrometers. The combination of its small size and high performance makes it an ideal solution for many different applications. IRSpirit series is then a valuable system for quality control even in highly regulated fields, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry. These spectrometers also help to solve sophisticated problems, such as the identification of solid, liquid and gaseous materials. The simplicity of software and instrument handling also make IRSpirit a perfect support for education purposes.

[1] Available on IRSpirit-T.
[2] IRSpirit-T: DLATGS-detector with temperature control function; IRSpirit-L: LiTaO3 detector.