Boosts productivity

The LCMS-8045 workhorse system with key features of UFMS to improve throughput

Figure 1: Combination of Shimadzu Nexera with LCMS-8045

The LCMS-8045 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is the new member of the well renowned UFMS (Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry) range. It is based on the UFMS platform with Heated ESI, fast polarity switching and fast scanning speed. The LCMS-8045 addresses laboratories performing demanding routine quantitative analyses, e.g. in food safety, environmental testing and analytes in clinical samples. The system offers an optimum balance in sensitivity, robustness and cost-effectiveness.

The LCMS-8045 features a modified ion sampling device and collision cell technology, resulting in greater efficiency and high quantitative accuracy and reliability. In addition, the ion source features a cable-less, tubeless housing, and the desolvation capillary can be replaced without breaking vacuum. This leads to increased durability, easier maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership.

Higher throughput even for the most demanding matrices
As part of the Shimadzu Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometer series, the LCMS-8045 features an array of ultra-fast technologies. These include a unique scan speed of 30,000 u/sec without the loss of mass accuracy, and a polarity switching time of 5 msec, which ensures higher throughput and highly reproducible data even for the most demanding matrices.

The LCMS-8045 is operated using Shimadzu’s LabSolutions software platform, either in standalone mode or in a client/server environment. It is an intuitive package that enables simplified instrument control, diverse data handling and integration with regulatory compliance requirements like FDA 21 CFR part 11.

Figure 2: LCMS-8045 instrument stability test

Numerous options are available to address specific customer requirements, for example application-specific method packages (lipids mediators, pesticides, veterinary products …), libraries and open-access quantitative analysis software.

In case new challenges or applications requiring higher sensitivity arise, the LCMS-8045 can be upgraded to the high-sensitivity LCMS-8060.

Analyses around the clock
The new LCMS-8045 constitutes the heart of the successful UFMS range and provides a very cost-effective solution for all routine applications laboratories.

The LCMS-8045 is the workhorse instrument in the Shimadzu LC-MS/MS lineup, designed to analyze samples around the clock. The heated ESI probe, high-temperature heating block, heated desolvation line, drying gas and focusing optics all act to maximize sensitivity while minimizing contamination.

This means continuous operation in the laboratory with reliable data collection, even for complex matrices like biological fluids or foods.

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