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New spectrophotometer series – highest performance with lowest stray light

Figure 1: UV-2700 double beam double monochromator UV-VIS spectrophotometer

As the market leader in UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy Shimadzu has been setting milestones in spectrophotometry technology for almost 60 years. A new series of scanning spectrophotometers will now be released with the UV-2700, a true double beam double monochromator system in a compact and smart design. In fact, the footprint of the instrument has been decreased by 28 % in comparison to the previous UV-2550 model.

The new compact spectrophotometers enable high-precision spectral analysis of a wide range of samples including organic and inorganic compounds, biological samples, optical materials and photovoltaics.

High sophisticated applications

The high performance level of the optical system is based on the Shimadzu “LO-RAY-LIGH®” diffraction grating, featuring highest efficiency and exceptionally low stray light. The UV-2700 works in the wavelength range of 185 to 900 nm and allows highly sophisticated applications such as direct measurement of high density samples up to 8 absorbance units without dilution.

Figure 3: Experimental setup

For users who do not need the ultra-low stray light levels of the UV-2700, the UV-2600 single monochromator version is also available. Combined with the dual detector integrating sphere ISR-2600 Plus, it allows a measuring range from 185 up to 1400 nm. This wide range allows the determination of optical material or expanded research of photovoltaics.

Measurement of solid samples

The MPC-2600 multipurpose large-sample compartment and integrating sphere attachment enables measurement of solid samples. Various cell holders such as the constant-temperature cell holder, the film holder and the powder sample cell can be mounted as well, enabling a wide range of measurement possibilities. The instrument is equipped with standard USB ports and controlled by the new UVProbe software version 2.40. For pharmaceutical and other applications requiring hardware validation, the UV-2600/2700 series provides integrated validation software as standard. USP, EP and JP test requirements are supported.