Anniversary package for FTIR’s birthday

55 years of FTIR spectroscopy

Infrared spectroscopy is the most important analytical method for unequivocal identification of samples in a wide application range such as pharmaceuticals, foods, polymers or mineral oils. Shimadzu has been developing infrared spectrometers since 1956. With the IRAffinity-1 and the IRPrestige-21 the company currently offers modern system configurations which are tailor-made for the analysis of the most diverse sample materials.

On the 55th anniversary of introduction of its infrared spectroscopy instruments, Shimadzu offers pre-configured product packages at anniversary prices – customized for the analysis of polymers or mineral oils.

Numerous analytical problems and tasks can be solved using FTIR spectroscopy with ATR techniques such as the conventional horizontal ATR or single-reflectance ATR. The units can be operated easily, and generate results within a few seconds without complex sample preparation.

FTIR polymer anniversary package

Polymer analysis in the ATR mode is dependent on the physical state of the polymer. Is the material soft, hard or extremely hard? Or is the polymer colorless, lightly colored or, in pure visual terms, pitch black? Depending on these properties, the accessories used in the analysis must be interchangeable.

SPECAC’s SilverGateTM accessory unit offers an attractive solution. The ‘Evolution’ series features measuring plates with integrated measuring windows that can be interchanged easily. A Ge-crystal (Germanium) plate can be used for strongly absorbing materials and a ZnSe-crystal (Zinc Selenide) is used for standard measurements. The different physical characteristics of the crystals enable the radiation to penetrate to various depths in the sample.

The FTIR polymer anniversary package includes the following system components:

IRAffinity-1 FTIR-spectrophotometer
Certified polystyrene film for instrument validation
Polymer library
SilverGateTM with ZnSe- and Ge-crystals.

FTIR mineral oil accessory package

Figure 1: Influence of layer thickness on the spectrum of a hydraulic oil. Three ATR spectra are shown: single-reflectance (green, ~ 4 µm layer thickness), triple-reflectance (red, 12 µm layer thickness) and multiple-reflectance (black, > 20 µm layer thickness). The layer thickness refers to a range of around 1000 cm-1 in the infrared spectrum.

In mineral oil analysis carried out in accordance with DIN, liquid cuvettes are used for FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) analysis, carbon black content or other characteristics. These methods require solvents, the consumption of which every user would very much like to reduce.

Efforts are increasingly focussing on solving these analytical problems using ATR techniques. In doing so, however, close attention must be paid to the concentration of the required parameter in oil. Multiple-reflectance ATR increases the required layer thickness needed for this application. In an instrument package for mineral oil, Shimadzu offers a solution meeting every need. And all of this is combined with software for the automated determination of, for instance, FAME, hydrocarbons according to the Brandes method and more.

An ideal solution is to use both – the liquid cell for detection limit analysis and ATR for routine analysis. When using ATR, this should be a system offering the H-ATR (Horizontal Attenuated Total Reflectance) technique.

The FTIR mineral oil anniversary package consists of the following system components:

IRAffinity-1 FTIR-spectrophotometer
Certified polystyrene film for instrument validation
Certified 100 µm liquid cuvette with CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride) windows
SPECAC Gateway with ZnSe-crystal and equipped with a liquid sample trough.

FTIR basic starter package

An additional package, for instance for conventional infrared spectroscopy in the transmission technique for liquids and powders is the FTIR basic starter package, consisting of the following system components:

IRAffinity-1 FTIR-spectrophotometer
Certified polystyrene film for instrument validation
‘Liquid package’ for transmission measurements consisting of various measuring cells
‘Powder package’ for transmission measurements consisting of an effective hand press.