More than a new record

New Front End system – Nexera MP

Figure 1: From left to right: SIL-30AC, SIL-10A, SIL-10HT und SIL-20AC

Records are usually short-lived. Sooner or later, new top records are set which have their own foreseeable expiry date. When it comes to technology and technical specifications, it is a just question of time when they will be surpassed or new standards are set.

As a part of the recently introduced Nexera MP system, the new Nexera SIL-30AC autosampler sets new records in injection speed, cycle time and lowest carryover. For the first time, carryover for UV detectors as well as for LCMS/MS is specified.

The new autosampler originates from a prominent family – SIL-HT, prominence and Nexera have inspired the development of the new instrument. The Nexera SIL-30ACMP matches the design of the series and has an expanded sample capacity – a maximum of six racks of 54 sample vials of 1.5 mL each and 324 + 10 positions for standards. The capacity can be increased to 576 or 2,304 when using microtiter plates. These are placed in three drawer trays which can be accessed and exchanged during operation. For safety reasons, a blinking light issues a warning. The inner compartment of the autosampler can optionally be illuminated, useful for checking the correct needle position as well as for servicing the instrument.

Figure 2: SIL with LCMS/MS

Up to 40 percent saving in time – with a reliable tailwind

In spite of the wider compartment structure, injection time has been decreased – even the most distant sampling position is reached quickly, and for an injection of 10 µL the time is decreased from 10 to 8 seconds compared with the basic model. For this measurement, all additional rinsing options were omitted – meaning, measuring with a maximum allowable tailwind in keeping with the analogy to sports.

As for the rinsing options: all available options in the basic model can also be selected here. In addition to the decreased injection time, the total cycle time can be decreased from 23 to 14 seconds. The ‘new one’ is, therefore, approximately 30 – 40 % faster.

Configuration gap is closed

Who needs an (even) faster autosampler and increased sample capacity? The new SIL-30CMP with six microtiter plate racks targets the segment between both prominence and Nexera configurations and their setups with an autosampler and rack changer. Both systems have more than proven themselves as Front End for LCMS/MS systems. When time for automated exchange of sample racks becomes critical- in particular when only a few vials or wells are to be injected in order to obtain a fast overview on positives or negatives within a batch – the time of the new autosampler’s special discipline has come.

The ability to mix configurations between microtiter plates and vials provides additional flexibility for users. Even more: just like the predecessor model SIL-HT, the SIL-30ACMP also features an integrated controller; pumps, column oven and detectors can be directly connected and operated.

The column oven is also innovative. The small CTO-30AS oven – used especially when dealing with short columns and therefore maximum speeds and smallest possible dead volume – can be integrated directly into the system via a special board. The oven is mounted on the side of the autosampler and its position can be adjusted to align with the connected MS/MS system.

With the triple quadrupole LCMS-8030 mass spectrometer, Shimadzu offers a high-performance LCMS/MS system in addition to the Nexera, a combination that fits perfectly in terms of optics and software technology.

Breaking records means always pushing the envelope hard in setting new standards, and holding tight onto one’s dreams.