Eco-friendly and timesaving

New TOC-L series – from ultrapure water to highly contaminated sewage

Since 45 years, TOC analyzers have been a part of Shimadzu’s product range, including laboratory and online TOC systems as well as TNb systems. With its TOC-V series, Shimadzu is the worldwide leader in TOC analysis.

The new TOC-L laboratory series includes four newly designed models all equipped with Shimadzu’s well-known 680 °C combustion tube and downstream NDIR detector. In addition, the TOC-VWP (PC controlled) and TOC-VWS (standalone) analyzers are available for wet-chemical oxidation applications.

Figure 1: TOC-L with ASI-L

All applications from ultrapure water to sewage

The TOC-L systems, with their extended measuring range of up to 30,000 mg/L TC (detection limit 4 µg/L) support all applications from ultrapure water, drinking water, surface water and industrial effluents up to highly contaminated sewage. Measurement of liquid, solid and gaseous samples is possible as well. The proven ISP module enables fully automatic acidification and sparging of individual samples without contact with the environment (NPOC method) – also without use of an autosampler. The fully automatic dilution function dilutes highly contaminated samples, thereby minimizing maintenance need of the catalyst and the combustion tube. The dilution function is particularly user-friendly for the creation of multi-point calibration curves. All that is needed is preparation of a stock solution and subsequently specifying, in the software, which calibration points are to be created from this solution. The instrument carries out the rest automatically (refer to figure 5). This saves valuable laboratory time.

Figure 2: : TOC-L with TNM-L modul

New features and options

Important advancements, including electronic carrier gas flow control, distinguish the new TOC-L family. Small sample volume measurements can now be carried out using a special kit. A bright display light indicating instrument status (‘Ready’, ‘Measurement’, etc.) can be seen from a distance.

For measurement of samples containing high salt concentrations and low TOC concentrations, another option is available. In this case it is often not possible to dilute the sample sufficiently. The high-salt sample combustion tube kit was originally developed for the online TOC-4110. Based on excellent experience, the salt kit was also developed for the laboratory. The modified combustion tube and catalyst allow significantly more measurements to be carried out before maintenance is needed. Just how many more measurements are possible depends specifically on the salt level and the TOC measuring range. Using the salt kit for seawater applications, approximately 2,500 injections (40 µL injection volume) are possible.

An additional halogen scrubber can be installed for samples containing high chloride concentrations, for instance due to hydrochloric acid.

Figure 3: TOC-L CSH

Simultaneous TNb (total nitrogen) and TOC determination

The newly designed TNM-L option enables simultaneous TNb (total nitrogen) and TOC determination without the need for additional bench space. For this application, the measuring range has also been extended to 10,000 mg/L with a detection limit of 5 µg/L (TOC-LCSH/CPH). Detection is carried out using chemoluminescence.

Laboratories with high sample throughput need a flexible and easily operated autosampler such as the ASI-L, which was developed specifically for the TOC-L series. Depending on the type of application, three different rack types (9 mL, 24 mL and 40 mL) can be selected. When new samples arrive at the laboratory while the instrument is already in the process of measuring, these can simply be added to the autosampler (in the edit mode).

Standalone model

The standalone model is equipped with a new, easy-to-read TFT Color LCD screen. The efficiently arranged keypad and easy menu navigation enable straightforward operation of the TOC analyzer. Measurement data can be conveniently stored on a USB stick, printed or, optionally output from LAN. The operating software is now also available in German.

TOC-Control L software

The TOC-Control L software is a consistent advancement of the user-friendly TOC-Control V 2.00 software. The newly configured sample window is even more intuitive and simplifies access to sample-relevant information. Entering data in the sample table is possible via a simple ‘drag & drop’ function. On the left-hand side is a list of the created calibration curves, measurement methods, control samples and measurement sequences. These can now be sorted according to system and measurement parameters. A preconfigured validation sample table simplifies the implementation of instrument specifications such as sensitivity, linearity, reproducibility and determination limit.

Shorter wizards speed up the creation of calibration curves and measurement methods. It is now also possible to use fractional factors in the dilution function, allowing the creation of a calibration curve with equidistant points from a calibration solution (Figure 5). A preconfigured validation sample table simplifies testing of instrument specifications.

Figure 4: TOC-Control L software

Figure 5: 10-point calibration curve with dilution function

Improved templates for sample tables can now be created for routine analysis. The standby option can also be viewed and modified during measurement.

Proven functions such as inserting new samples, control samples and calibration standards during operation, control cards, export functions and 21 CFR Part 11 are maintained.

First eco-friendly TOC instrument

The TOC-L conforms to Shimadzu’s eco-label documenting an active contribution to ecological preservation. Compared to their predecessors, instruments carrying the eco-label are energy-saving and require much less space. The TOC-L is 20 % narrower and its energy consumption has been reduced by 43 %. In addition, the eco-label complies with the European RoHS requirements.