Award-winning inno­vation:
the new iMScope QT

Award-winning innovation:
the new iMScope QT

Perfect interaction for mass spectrometry imaging

Mass spectrometry and microscopy in perfect combination: With the new iMScope QT, Shimadzu is placing the only instrument in the world on the market that can provide mass spectra in conjunction with morphological information. Together with the sample preparation devices and software specially developed for mass spectrometry imaging, the instrument also impresses thanks to its optimal workflow and sophisticated design.

The iMScope QT combines a mass spectrometer with a built-in optical microscope and it is characterized by the best analysis speed and imaging capabilities. In addition to numerous other functions, the iMScope QT, in conjunction with the iMLayer, iMLayer AERO and IMAGEREVEAL, covers the entire workflow from sample preparation through to simple sample analysis and data analysis. This makes Shimadzu the only vendor in the world to offer this type of all-in-one solution.

The integrated microscope enables the iMScope to directly overlay the morphological image with the result of the MALDI-MS imaging. In this way, the distribution and concentration of molecules in tissue or organ sections can be discerned. Furthermore, by means of these results, conclusions can be drawn about the biological function in the tissue or morphological changes.

It can therefore be used in a meaningful way for medical and pharmaceutical applications as well as in agriculture and food science. For example, in cancer therapy, the iMScope QT can be used to verify whether a drug specifically accumulates in the tumor.

Perfectly adaptable to individual requirements 

Users can easily connect or disconnect the mass spectrometer and MALDI microscope unit. If the microscope part is removed and a liquid chromatograph is installed, the system can be used as an LC-Q-TOF system.

In 2021, the new iMScope QT was awarded two of the most prestigious design prizes in the world: a Red Dot Design Award and an iF Design Award.

The iMScope QT combines mass spectrometry imaging and microscopy