New accessory for the UV series

New micro cell holders extend the wide range of accessories for the UV-2600/UV-2700 spectrophotometry series. This UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy instrument series owes its high performance to the patented ‘LO-RAY-LIGH®’ diffraction gratings.

Figure 1: Micro sample holder for samples of 10-14 mm internal diameter or rectangular shaped samples; maximum diameter of the light beam for transmittance measurement is 5 mm

Micro cell holders for integrating spheres

With the introduction of the UV-2600, the ISR-2600Plus integrating sphere has been implemented, a unique feature for this instrument class enabling measurements in the near-infrared range up to 1,400 nm. For both this new integrating sphere and Shimadzu’s entire model range, an additional accessory is now available for the measurement of small samples. Until now, small samples had to be embedded in barium sulfate (BaSO4) as part of the sample preparation process, which is not necessary using the new micro sample holders. They are supplied in a pack of three holders for various sample sizes.

Table 1 lists the dimensions of the various samples. The samples can be round (Ø) or square (l). Small lenses, filters or glasses can be fixed securely – they are locked inside the holder very easily via sliding elements. The sliding elements also function as masks for the measurement of smaller samples. The holders are fixed to the corresponding measurement positions of the integrating sphere, enabling both transmittance and reflectance measurements.

Table 1: Dimensions of the micro sample holders for Shimadzu’s integrating spheres