Red wine and eye diseases

Live presentations at analytica 2012

Dr. Mark Benecke (center) with Shimadzu’s product specialists Vanessa Liedschulte and Dr. Klaus Bollig at the MultiNA system in the Live Lab

For the first time, the professional audience could follow daily live demonstrations in the fully equipped laboratory named ‘Live Lab’ at this year’s ‘analytica’ trade fair. Shimadzu was represented in two discussion sessions: ‘Food and water analysis’ featuring the ‘Nexera MP’ UHPLC system as well as ‘Forensics & clinical diagnostics’ with the ‘MCE-202 MultiNA’ microchip electrophoresis instrument.

The live demonstration ‘Analysis of Reservatrol in red wine’ using HPLC was very well received by visitors to the trade fair. The ‘PCR analysis of hereditary eye diseases’ demonstration on the microchip electrophoresis system was also met with great interest. The live demonstrations were accompanied by interesting lectures and commentaries of renowned speakers such as forensic and criminal biologist Dr. Mark Benecke.