»Time for solutions«

6th World Water Forum in Marseille

In March 2012, the 6th World Water Forum took place in Marseille, France. Since 1997, this event has been held every three years on a global scale. The World Water Forum conference is the largest event in the world dealing with water topics, and promotes know-how, ideas, and innovation. Its main objective is to add “water” to all political agendas. 2012’s forum was headlined “Time for Solutions!”

It is estimated that one billion people still have no access to clean drinking water, although the Right to Water must be guaranteed and implemented according to the responsibility of 193 states in the UN. Hygienic water and reliable water purification and supply are preconditions for health and the prevention of epidemics. It is estimated that more than 100,000 chemical substances contaminate drinking water every day.

During one week of discussions on solutions and best practices in over 250 sessions, 25,000 participants shared information and know-how. In addition to the conference, an exhibition was organized with most modern innovations in water analysis, water monitoring as well as engineering and distribution.

Figure 1: UV-VIS spectrophotometer UV-2600

Shimadzu participated with a booth showing the “state of the art” solutions for water analysis using spectroscopic and chromatographic methods as well as the determination of sum parameters, i.e. TOC (total organic carbon). In particular, spectroscopic methods such as the UV-1800 or the new UV-2600/2700 spectrophotometer series (Figure 1) support the detection and quantification of heavy metals in water. Over 60 years of experience in development of this technology underline Shimadzu’s position as the market leader in UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy.

Figure 2: ICP-OES spectrometer ICPE-9000 – solution for water analysis

Furthermore, Shimadzu offers a customized water analysis solution using the ICP-OES spectrometer ICPE-9000 (Figure 2), available for download using the following link:

Interference-free drinking water analysis using ICP-OES