Figure 1: Shimadzu’s TOC-1000e is the first process analyzer in the eTOC series which specializes in online analysis for ultra-pure water applications

Smallest giant

TOC-1000e online analyzer – specialized for ultra-pure water applications

A world premiere in technology, in the smallest and lightest housing on the market: the new TOC-1000e meets the demand for online analyzers providing high sensitivity and speed to meet the challenges of ultra-pure water applications. It is the first process analyzer in the eTOC series to expand Shimadzu’s portfolio of advanced TOC analytics.

What do vaccines and microchips have in common? Water is an essential raw material in the production of both. Its molecular structure makes it an ideal solvent for a wide variety of substances. In pharmaceuticals and semiconductor fabrication, however, ultra-pure water, prepared in a complex process, is particularly important. It is necessary to produce medicines and cosmetics as well as memory chips, microprocessors and flat screens.

Water that contains practically no minerals, dissolved organic substances or microbiology, so-called “ultra-pure” water, does not exist in nature. It must therefore be obtained from pre-purified water in multi-stage treatment plants. But even after its production, constant effort is necessary, because the slightest contact with the atmosphere or even unfavorable dwell times in the distribution plant can lead to purity reduction. For this reason, ultra-pure water plants are monitored very closely and continuously.

Ultra-pure water used in the production of medicines is subject to strict rules and limits as listed in the so-called pharmacopoeias, such as the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) or the US Pharmacopoeia (USP). Two of the parameters are the electrical conductivity to measure the purity of water, and the TOC (Total Organic Carbon), which detects the total carbon from organic compounds. They are the most important and fastest online techniques to detect impurities.

In order to closely monitor the quality of water at all times, process analysis (PAT) is increasingly in demand in addition to laboratory analysis (offline analysis). This requires analytical equipment that sensitively and specifically records the parameters required.

Smallest giant

The new TOC-1000e specializes in online analysis of ultra-pure water applications. With a detection limit of 0.1 µg/L and fast oxidation technology, the TOC-1000e closely measures TOC content as well as electrical conductivity of the water. It is the first process analyzer in the eTOC series and complements Shimadzu’s portfolio of advanced TOC analytics, including analyses of a broad range of applications – from ultra-pure water to wastewater, solid samples and swab tests.

The TOC-1000e is small. Very small. It disappears behind a sheet of A4 paper. And weighs less than 3 kg. Nevertheless, its performance is gigantic: it enables highly sensitive analyses and mercury-free oxidation technology.

Environmentally-friendly UV oxidation, optimum sample irradiation

Whereas TOC analyzers have previously used mercury UV lamps as a light source in ultra-pure water applications, the TOC-1000e is the first in the world to use a more environmentally friendly alternative: a mercury-free excimer (short for ‘excited dimer’) lamp. Compared to conventional lamps, it emits higher-energy light at a wavelength of 172 nm to oxidize organic components.

Featuring “Active Path” technology, it irradiates the sample optimally with UV light. The sample flow is guided directly through the inside of the excimer lamp, which prevents the formation of ozone in air pockets, promotes rinsing of impurities and increases long-term stability.

Figure 2: The excimer lamp has a special design, the “Active Path” technology, for efficient energy transfer of the radiation to the sample

Small and light with a large display

Despite its small dimensions, the TOC-1000e offers a large clear touchscreen that allows easy, intuitive operation. A light strip on the front of the system clearly indicates the status of the analyzer, such as “standby”, “measuring” or “error”.

Low maintenance

Maintenance and calibration are scheduled annually. The pump head and excimer lamp can be accessed and replaced without tools via the front cover of the TOC-1000e.

Calibration and validation are carried out on the instrument installation site. An autosampler with four standard solution positions makes this possible, allowing up to four-point calibrations to be performed. Certified standard solutions are available for this purpose, as well as for system suitability test kits (SST).

Wide range of data output options

Flexible output of data and logs is possible via USB or network transmission, e.g., as text or PDF file (table and trend graph). Measured values can be output both in analog (4 to 20 mA) and digital form via fieldbus. In addition, the TOC-1000e systems can be connected to a network and the results can be viewed and downloaded via networked PCs or tablets using a web browser.

User management and audit trail

The eTOC series systems are compatible with the regulations of various pharmacopoeiae. They offer important safety features such as user management and audit trail and can be connected to Shimadzu’s LabSolutions software to support ER/ES regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11.