Secrets of Science

Secrets of Science

Customer magazine in new splendor 

A new name, a new design – but the content as professionally well versed as usual. The Shimadzu “Secrets of Science” magazine replaces the previous Shimadzu-News publication. Whether the secrets of science can actually be solved remains to be seen.

With technical trends such as automation, miniaturization and coupling technologies Shimadzu has given significant momentum to the market in recent years which has initiated many new developments. Digitalization in particular offers technological and creative potential. This applies to medical technology and instrumental analysis as well as to Shimadzu’s customer magazine. Being a voice in the scientific community, further development is also required here. Under the new title, “Secrets of Science” offers even more insights and interaction.

Two in one

Going forward, the magazine will be published in two versions – one as a print edition and one in digital form. The print version is suitable for a quick overview and thanks to the layout of the articles, is also interesting for people unfamiliar with the product and the market.

The digital edition offers more information, such as additional chromatograms and content details – optimized so they can be displayed perfectly on mobile devices. There, experts can also find the insights they need for their subject-specific in-depth studies. It is easy to access via the QR codes in the print version.

Easy allocation, quick access

Categorization of the content has also been adapted. There are sections focusing on different topics – from product- and application-focused articles, to further developments, events, interviews, service topics and tips & tricks.

Staying true to the origin

Just like Shimadzu News, “Secrets of Science” will be published three times a year in German and English. Guest authors from science and industry provide insights into their tasks and applications. The arrangement of information in product and market categories continues and is given a new appearance.

Have fun discovering the new magazine!

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