NEW: Comprehensive application handbook

Online and laboratory TOCs

As a leader in TOC technology, Shimadzu summarizes its experience in an application hand-book containing the following chapters:

1. Environmental analysis
TOC analysis is carried out on a wide variety of matrices – from groundwater to seawater, from drinking water to wastewater, from soils to sewage sludge. This chapter discusses the diversity in environmental applications and their many different challenges.

2. Pharmaceutical industry
TOC determination is described in the Pharmacopoeia – not just the method, but also tests to verify the suitability of a TOC analyzer for the analysis.

3. Chemical industry
Incoming goods control plays an important role in the chemical industry. In addition to the targeted analysis of known compounds, sum parameters can help to assess the raw chemicals for impurities.

4. TOC special applications
Due to its significance, the TOC sum parameter is widely applicable. The user’s scientific curiosity and ingenuity often solves an analytical problem, and TOC is key to the solution.

5. TOC in daily practice
This application range applies to the individual modules, kits, options and support functions of Shimadzu’s TOC analyzers. But fundamental concepts and methods are also described.

6. TOC process analysis
Especially during process control, it is important to obtain fast, continuous and informative data on organic pollution levels of waters. In TOC process analysis, the sample is fed continuously to the measuring instrument for subsequent measurement. In this way, the control room can react promptly to any possible process changes. The analyzer can be tailored to the specific measuring task.